Treating the person, not just the illness

Home Based Healthcare Services

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Home Based Healthcare Services

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Home Based Healthcare Services

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Treating the person, not just the illness

Home Based Healthcare Services

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We provide quality, affordable and comprehensive healthcare at your home

Imagine a person has a stroke and was treated for two weeks at a hospital. He is then discharged but that’s not the end of the story, it’s actually the beginning of a completely new way of life for the patient and his family.

But who is there to guide them through this?

Lifeline was created as a quest to answer this question


To provide quality, affordable and comprehensive health care at your home.


To become the leading healthcare provider for home-based healthcare in Ethiopia.



Lifeline Home Based Healthcare Services is a unique institution that exists to bridge the gap between the healthcare provider and the healthcare recipient

Our Services

• Wellness Package: general checkup and basic routine laboratory test for Diabetics, Hypertension and other Chronic Illnesses with consultation for  nutrition, diet and physical activity.  
• Family Package: Regular and customized wellness checkup for your family
• Health Consultation
• Physiotherapy
• Nursing Care
• Palliative Care
• Laboratory Services

• Medical equipment supply:
     • Patient Bed
     • Wheelchair 
      • Oxygen cylinder
     • Suction Machine 
     • BP Cuff 
      • Glucometer
      • Pulseoximeter 
      • Thermometer 
      • Weight scale 
      • Referral Linkage to our selected partner hospitals

What makes us unique
Founded and operated by medical doctors 
Senior specialist doctors 
Multidisciplinary team 
Comprehensive care including laboratory and pharmacy services
 Innovative health workers registration & deployment


"My uncle had a stroke and he was being treated at a private hospital. He had a good recovery and the doctors told us that he can now be discharged. But we couldn't accept it as it was totally unimaginable for us to take care of him at home with a feeding tube in his mouth, a urinary catheter and a complete left side paralysis. Besides, we have to take him back to the hospital every week for physiotherapy. It was at this time that we heard about the service Lifeline Home Based Healthcare provides. Having them changed everything. The doctors visited him once per week at home adjusting his medications, changing his feeding tube and catheter on time and the physiotherapist will visit him three times per week. My uncle is now well and can walk with little support. He owes it to the Lifeline team that he now can eat his favorite food kitfo."
Mr. Daniel Abera


"I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Three months back my doctors at a private hospital told me I needed urgent surgery and I would lose a lot of my functions. The surgery was successful, but after that I lost the ability to walk and move my hand. This was very frustrating. With the addition of chemotherapy I was practically bedridden, then I heard the service of Lifeline Home Based Healthcare. I called them and started to receive home care. Then through constant and caring support from physicians, nurses and physiotherapists of Lifeline's team, I started to regain some of my function. I'm very thankful for their services that helped me improve my quality of life. I recommend them to patients with conditions like me."

Mrs. Aselefech Lema

Meet Our Team

Dr. Yonas Kifle

Founder | CEO
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Dr. Solomon Desalegn

Co-Founder | Business Development Manager
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Dr. Kaleab Getachew

Co-Founder | Operations Manager
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Dr. Rania Ibrahim

Strategic Advisor
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Temesgen Mekonnen, MBA

Financial Advisor
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Meki Shewangizaw

Communications Manager
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Dr. Balkachew Nigatu

Clinical Advisor
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Dr. Mulugeta Kassahun

Clinical Advisor
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